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From Word

I’m going to cut down on internet so im typing this beforehand on Word.

Hmm, so. Oya! I went for Chingming (visiting graves) yesterday! Was my first time since I left for Singapore. I mostly had to do sai kang and clean the graves with our meagre supply of tools (SOMEBODY forgot to bring the cangkul baskkket) – my step great grandmother in particular was buried at the summit of that huge-ass hill of graves.

A year of active denudation covered the grave front with like 5 inches of dirt that we had to claw away (literally, in Ngee Wei koko’s case) before uncles proceeded with the burning and johstick stuff. (no disrespect here obviously – theyre MY relatives, but I don’t quite grasp the significance etc etc.) We added tremendously to the afterlife realm’s massive hyperinflation.

Inflation is defined as the sustained increase in the general price level. I think. And prices are more or less determined by an interaction of supply and demand. From what I’ve seen they got a hell a lot of gold there. WAIT. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT.

Er. When I die, I want to be cremated. And my phosphorus emission recycled for fertilizer. Haha no la. My ashes would be carefully stored in an airtight jar and buried in the garden which I WILL have next to a handsome tree (details yet to be determined) next to where my dog is buried. I choose this cos it seems a nice way to bury myself without using up a whole grave’s worth of space on some hill and its got a dash of romance in the way its done too. I think. My dog has no choice in the matter. Just his luck. But he owes it to me for the mileage ive clocked up walking him baily. (bi-daily)

Speaking of luck, I got lucky later that day! After we had dinner at Wok & Pan (OMG Drooool) we went to Tescos to buy some stuff. When we were at the Haircare section there was this competition that you could enter as long as you buy some Sunsilk products (silky smooth!)that had nothing to do with shampoo at all. You had to like take a bunch of irregular magnetic shapes and assemble all of them to form the different shapes that the attendant asks for, in 30 seconds!  Lucky she gave me time to try try and warm up before starting out. In a while I finished all three stages and I won a PANASONIC HAIRDRYER! Worth 100 bucks plus! (to be mailed to me in 20 working days) Holy cow! Damn cool right omg! Sunsilk is definitely my best friend now.

No wait. THIS is my best friend. Create a character and challenge him!


Have fun!


 I really think that I will die early. And depressed.

And of COURSE im just kidding.


 Eat free range chicken!

Yes I watch American Idol

I. Retract. ALL my doubts about Adam Lambert. 

Was amazing.



Live live live in your own world.

Today in church Uncle Phillip gave a pretty insightful talk on 1 Kings. I thought it was good!

"Go, tell Jeroboam that this is what the Lord, the God is Israel, says; ' I have raised you up from among the people and made you a leader over my people Israel. I tore the kingdom away from the house of David and gave it to you, but you have not been like my servant David, who kept my commands and followed me with all his heart, doing what is right in my eyes." (1 Kings 14:7-8)

For those who were there haha we know that you could extract a lot of meaning out of this two verses already but what kinda struck me was what Uncle Phillip said about mm. How the wrong that Jeroboam did was not only inherently to be found in his deeds themselves(straying from God's commandments etc)  but kinda aggravated by the fact that he did so in spite of the fact that God has put him in a position where i suppose, there is a lot of potential and influence to do His will. (Being King and all that)

Stretching this to do our current day context, Uncle concluded that by when we are given privileges or any kind of talents (as he put it) it is in fact our responsibility to utilize these for His "glory". To recognize your an asset that you might have and yet leave it untapped would then be a kind of sin of ommission.

Hmm. It does seem logical to me and does corroborate with some other excerpts of scripture - (i cant be specific im afraid im kinda bad at quoting off my head still - something needing improvement) there was something about the parable/analogy of the servants that the master gave money (talent/blessing/ability) to. The dude who buried (hence not making full use of it) his money was rebuked and his money taken away and given to the dude who made the most out of it. See? Link right. Haha.

The implications are that as part of our ministry we ought to try out best to discover ourselves and what we might have to offer back to God. But i think what can be added unto this is that people ought to in fact not only look at themselves and see what they can offer but in fact keep notice of others and have a humble heart to recognize what God has given others but not to ourselves. This point about focusing on maximizing the ability of OTHERS is something that to me is even more in line with the spirit of what we are as Christians or human beings, in fact, are called to, so to speak.

While it is good to search ourselves and see what we have to offer (and the focus will help us when we try to develop ourselves too), i think a preoccupation with "oh what is it about me, what can i do, what can i offer, what do i have" has far too many "I's" and has to be balanced with a GREATER emphasis on being sensitive and accomodating to others. An open recognition of the status of your brothers and sisters as God's children is a very heartening thing. After all, we shouldnt be surprised if there are people among us who are shy or hesitant about self advertisement or anything - it does somehow seem tantamount to being a selfish thing - sure, it isn't when you're doing it for your Father's sake and not your own, but hey, honestly speaking how do we ever know that we aren't thinking about our own egos at some point in time. 

Ahhh such a long post.  



The great thing about internet stuff is that you can leave it for dead half a year and come back and it works FINE!
Ah ok I'm back. To freshen things up I wanted to delete all my old posts kinda actually but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that except press delete manually on each page. I don't have time for that! So I changed the background and layout. But then again the choices are very limited. Alright.

Between then and now I have done the following.

1. Took my 'A' Levels.
2. Wrapped up my Singapore life and left.
3. Lived in Malacca for a few months now.
4. Gone back to Singapore for a while.
5. Become acquainted with the 102-C asylum.
6. Took my A level results.
7. Applied to HKU, NUS and NTU.
8. Post again on my blog.



Hey. Check this out.

It's biznezz time.

Faring well

I haven't been and I dont think I will be posting a lot. If it counts! I blog in my head, or sometimes with a real friend or two. A lot of the things I want to say, very often are um, disconcerting? things, so maybe it's a good thing If i can expend/purge these thoughts and feelings fast enough that by the time I reach a computer, they become redundant. In that way, it's good right? Yes, I want to see things positively from now on, If I can.

If i were to reminisce about my JC life, i think it would, be a lot of melancholy, with flashes of joyful experiences, but with all of it having meaning in itself. Still, a hugely important part of it isn't over yet, and an assessment today will be an incomplete one.

What really made me post today isn't that but the practically perfect night I had last night. I don't say perfect in the absolute sense of the word, but just that all things considered, I don't see how realistically things could have been better. Last night was my last (really, the last) hostel farewell party. Friday's ceremony at school was alright I guess and madam damo brought us over to british club to eat. The only problem with it was mine alone, in that I could not escape the ambivalent feelings that have been with me so long, to truly enjoy myself.

Now, on to last night.

Dressing up - brazenly retarded (therefore fun)
Food - Auntie Christine's Jap buffet with salmon sushi etc etc in huge huge huge amounts wah wah wah
Performances - GREAT! The juniors really put in heck a lot into it was worth it although a lot were pretty long.
Dance - SUPER IMBA we could finally translate our ASEAN dance madness to hostel life will never get to party 3 meters away from Brother Paul again. (he didn't dance, though! Just stood at the side to make sure we didn't overdo it, i think!)
Happy time - =)))))

"....... In my opinion, we human beings aren't really BORN able to love and appreciate real relationships straight away. How many of you have been rude and ungrateful to your parents and family, when you were young? I think that the reality is that we have to learn, how to love and how to truly appreciate the dynamics that will drive a meaningful life. It is in that sense that I am grateful for everything that has happened here, whether ostensibly bad or good, because of the lessons that I have learnt. Without learning them I could not have made that transition from child to adult (or maybe something closer to adult) and really become true friends with those true friends I have today......."

-CJC Hostel Lounge, 11th October 2008.

I love the hostel, because it's so full of a culture of humility. I think that's crucially important, you know, because without it the kind of fun you will always have is the exclusive, we're the cool and fun people gang kind of fun, where the smaller people get left out. I think I have a better idea of why Jesus kept talking about humility now, because I think he was thinking about the WORLD (meaning everyone, meaning no one left out) and its only by being humble that EVERYONE can live together in real peace.

Testimonial match, 4:30 pm tomorrow!